Door Thresholds

Frost King provides three types of weather sealing products to keep your doors draft-free, your home more comfortable and your energy bills under control.

Door Thresholds not only help seal out drafts, dirt, moisture and insects, they can improve the appearance of your entryway. Frost King offers many different styles, sizes and finishes in aluminum and wood.

Remember, even a small gap under your door or around your door frame can let in as much frigid January air as an open window or a large hole punched through your wall.

Browse the products below. Got a question about door thresholds, sweeps and sets? Download this handy Home Checklist. View the FAQs below or, if you have a different question, call (800) 299-5700.



What can I do to make sure the Vinyl Inset Fits Correctly?
First, soak the Vinyl Insert in a tub of warm (but not hot) water, with just a drop of liquid soap, for about 10-15 minutes. This will make the Vinyl Insert more pliable and easier to work into the threshold grooves. Once the Insert is warmed up, it should be pliable enough to slide into the threshold groove with no problem. If the insert is just being stubborn, a plastic putty knife or plastic spatula can help guide the insert into the grooves for a snug fit.
How do I install my new Threshold.
It's Easy. Take a look at the instructions here... threshold label instruction Or you can watch the Handy Guys install a new Threshold, here.

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