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Carpet Trim

Oak Wood Carpet Bars Product Image

Oak Wood Carpet Bars

Joins carpet to flooring of a lower height.

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Aluminum Stair Edging Product Image

Aluminum Stair Edging

Designed to cover and protect the edge of tiled or carpeted stairs.

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Aluminum Seam Binders Product Image

Aluminum Seam Binders

Designed to join two floor coverings of the same height.

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Aluminum Carpet Clampdowns Product Image

Aluminum Carpet Clampdowns

Designed to fasten and finish the edge of cloth or jute-backed carpet.

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Aluminum Tile Edging Product Image

Aluminum Tile Edging

Designed to join vinyl tile with flooring of a lower height.

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Carpet Bars Product Image

Carpet Bars

Made from extruded aluminum.

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