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Paint Sundries

Cone Shape Paint Strainers Product Image

Cone Shape Paint Strainers

Fits 1 gallon cans.

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Staining Pad Product Image

Staining Pad

Terry cloth covered sponge is great for staining and waxing.

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Tack Cloth Product Image

Tack Cloth

Soft, lint free cloth is safe on any surface

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Backer Rod Product Image

Backer Rod

Ideal for filling wall joints.

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Painter's Coveralls and Accessories Product Image

Painter's Coveralls and Accessories

One size fits all.

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Painter's Clean-up Rags Product Image

Painter's Clean-up Rags

Soft, washable, reusable cotton rags have dozens of uses in the home.

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Cotton Cheesecloth Product Image

Cotton Cheesecloth

Deluxe 100% cotton cheesecloth is ideal for creating faux finishes.

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Painters Gloves Product Image

Painters Gloves

Good for More than just Painting, Frost King Gloves will protect your hands and make cleanup a snap.

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Absorbent Paper and Plastic Drop Cloth Product Image

Absorbent Paper and Plastic Drop Cloth

Made especially for the do-it-yourself painter. These Frost King Drop Cloths will help protect your furniture and catch all spills and leaks.

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