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Backer Rod

Made of moisture repellent closed cell foam, it is ideal for filling wall joints or cracks in concrete. It saves expensive caulk.

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Frost King Fingertip Caulk

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Q: How do I know which size drop cloth to use?

Light weight drop cloths are for covering furniture. The heavier weights can be used on the floor to cover carpeting, rugs, hardwood floors, etc.

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Painter's Coveralls and Accessories Product Image

Painter's Coveralls and Accessories

One size fits all.

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Cone Shape Paint Strainers Product Image

Cone Shape Paint Strainers

Fits 1 gallon cans.

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Staining Pad Product Image

Staining Pad

Terry cloth covered sponge is great for staining and waxing.

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Painter's Clean-up Rags Product Image

Painter's Clean-up Rags

Soft, washable, reusable cotton rags have dozens of uses in the home.

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