Tilt and Drain new

Tilts - out & down when raining.

Easily extend your downspout from 3’ to 6’ in length with the tilt ‘n drain downspout extender! strong yet flexible, it’s specifically designed to withstand the outdoor elements. Created with superior performance in mind, the unit features a 5-1/2” wide channel, which directs water away from the foundation. Additional features include a flip-up design to allow for mowing and lawn care as well as the ability to swivel a complete 180-degrees, delivering complete water flow control. The easy-to-install extender fits both 3” and 4” downspouts.

  • Extends downspout from 3’ to 6’
  • Fits 3” and 4” downspouts
  • Directs water away from the foundation
  • Swivels 180-degrees for complete water flow control


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Tilt and Drain