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Air Conditioner Accessories

Hotter Days Ahead

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Soaring temperatures headed your way? No sweat! Frost King has the tips and tools you need to get window air conditioners up and running all summer long.

  • Clean up time. Before installing your window unit, wipe the exterior with a clean, damp rag. Check that the drain is clear, and vacuum the coils to clear out dust and debris.

  • Safety first. Air Conditioner Brackets will make sure your unit is securely supported in your window. Check out our video for step-by-step directions for proper installation.

  • Start fresh. A clean filter keeps your unit running more efficiently, so start the season off with a clean one. Our Air Conditioner Filters are washable and reusable and can be cut to any size. Watch the video to see how!

  • Keep cool air inside. Our Air Conditioner Weatherseal fills the gaps between your AC unit and window frame to stop hot air from leaking in and chilled air from getting out.

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