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Help Window Air Conditioner Units Keep Indoor Temps and Energy Bills Low

Air Conditioner Accessories

Farmers' Almanac predicted that the summer of 2014 would be a scorcher. We've just experienced the warmest May on record. States across the Midwest have had many record hot days this year. How much have you used a window air conditioner to beat the heat this year? By the start of August, your window air conditioner has been running for weeks to keep the cool air inside and the hot air at bay. If there are gaps between the window air conditioner and the jamb, the sash or the sill of the window frame, or gaps in other windows and doors of your home, your air conditioner won't be able to operate efficiently. It may even have to run non-stop. Half of energy consumption goes toward heating and cooling your home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. During hot summer months, your window air conditioning unit may require more energy than any other appliance. How do you increase your AC's operating efficiency while keeping your home comfortable during extreme heat waves? Use Frost King's window air conditioner accessories to secure your AC unit, replace cracked side panels and, most importantly, apply foam weatherseal to eliminate small but costly gaps at the window frame. 10 to 25% of your home's climate-controlled air escapes through gaps that may surround your window air conditioner, windows, doors, ducts and overhead ventilation. Even the tiniest opening can allow air to easily pass through. That air loss adds up during extreme weather. How can you stop costly air leaks? One effective do-it-yourself solution uses specially-made weatherseal, such as Frost King's Air Conditioner Weatherseal and many of our other foam tape products. Expert DIYers use these insulation aids to form air-tight seals around frames of windows, doors and other openings. Not sure which weatherseal product to buy? Watch as Paul and Brian of The Handyguys Podcast show you how to choose the right foam tape weatherseal.

Once you have the foam tape weatherseal product in hand, it's time to measure it, cut it and install it on a clean, dust-free surface. This is a simple do-it-yourself task. Do-it-yourself podcasters Paul and Brian show you how to affix foam weatherseal to seal window frames.

If you ever need to to remove or replace old foam tape or any other adhesive insulation products, the end of Paul and Brian's window kit removal video shows you how to eliminate sticky residue for a clean look and a smooth surface, ready for replacement foam tape.

Frost King has all the products to install, insulate and preserve your window air conditioner, including a range of foam tapes that seal gaps throughout your home. Find out where you can buy our products. For DIY tips throughout the year, follow us, like us and bookmark our blog. If you have questions about Frost King window air conditioner accessories, please contact us.

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