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The Best Front Door Insulation Options for a Warmer Holiday Welcome

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Your entrance is decked out for the holidays. Silver and gold balls hang from the wreath. White lights wrap around evergreen holly. You even put out that scary mistletoe-wielding garden gnome, only because your mother-in-law gave it to you. She expects to see it, year after year. "You put out the gnome! Isn't he darling, darling?" We feel your pain. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or the new year, now is when you open your home to family and friends. Once they're inside, you quickly close the door because it's freezing out there. What happens when the cold continues to creep in like a bitter ex with your new number? If you've wrapped your furnace, water heater and pipes better than Santa's elves wrap gifts, the cold air may be seeping in from around windows and doors. Even when they're closed, windows and doors have small cracks around windowpanes, sashes, jambs and thresholds. We cover how to install weatherseal in another post. In this post we introduce the best front door insulation. The look of your front door is the first thing guests and neighbors see. You can spend a lot of time at home improvement stores, choosing the front door for your home. While you're there, make sure to choose hinges, door locks and kick plates that complement the look of your door. Install it. Paint it. Even decorate it and shine a spotlight on the door wreath. Do everything you can to make it the most welcoming part of your home. You may have the best looking door in the neighborhood, but that won't make you feel warm and cozy if it can't halt the cold. Most doors—even newly installed doors—don't come with adequate door frame insulation. No matter if your door is made of glass, metal or wood, you can find weatherstripping, door sets or thresholds that complement the look of your door and provide an extra barrier between your home and the elements. How do you choose the best front door insulation for your do-it-yourself project? Start with The Handy Guys podcast. DIY home improvement experts Paul and Brian show you how to choose the right threshold for your door. Once you know the best threshold to install, read our post that introduces door sweeps, an essential next step for your DIY project. After you have the best-looking threshold and the ideal door sweep in mind, consider adding weatherstripping up the jamb and across the top of the door frame. Installing insulation around your door is easier than you may think. It'll take a Saturday morning to complete this project. You'll need a hammer, a drill, a pencil, a jigsaw or a hacksaw, and caulking (if there is no rubber gasket). Frost King's vinyl-top threshold includes a rubber gasket. This provides the best possible seal against the door. Picture all those warm, draft-free nights celebrating the holidays together. Imagine the money you'll save by installing the best front door insulation to stop heat loss. Even your mother-in-law may stop adoring that ridiculous gnome just long enough to congratulate you on a job well done. OK, let's not go too far. Simply know that we're proud of you. The best front door with the right amount of insulation will help you ring in the new year for years to come. For more do-it-yourself tips for a house even your mother-in-law will appreciate (even if she doesn't tell you), follow us, like us and bookmark our blog. If you have questions about insulation options for your front door, please view our FAQs, call 1-800-299-5700 or send us a message. Happy Holidays from Frost King!

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