Garage Accessories

Give Your Garage a Check Up

Garage Accessories

Summer is the season that garages get the most use – lawn mowers are pulled in and out weekly, bikes and toys get moved back and forth daily, and garden tools migrate to different areas.  By mid-July, it’s probably time to spend an afternoon sorting the chaos and getting your garage back into tip-top shape.

Control the Chaos

Clear out bikes, scooters, hoses, lawn mowers, and other items that get hauled in and out of the garage regularly. Before putting everything back, come up with an organized plan for where all items should be stored. Store items that are used daily by the door so they are easily accessible; gear that is used weekly or less regularly should go in the back.

Get Out the Gunk

Before returning gear to its rightful position, sweep out grass clippings, pollen and other debris that might have accumulated on the garage floor. You might even want to power wash the garage floor so you’re starting with a nice clean interior.

Seal the Deal

Inspect the seal on your garage door to make sure it’s intact. If it’s torn or starting to rot, pick up a replacement seal from Frost King to keep dust, pollen and critters from making their way into your garage. It’s an easy project you can wrap up in an afternoon. Watch our how-to video for installation tips.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. Homeowners should always consider safety precautions before starting any home improvement project.  While we strive to offer accurate and helpful advice, Frost King does not assume responsibility for any actions taken based on the information provided or for any consequences resulting therefrom.