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Insulate Your Garage Door Before Winter Starts

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Is your home a bit too toasty in the summer and on the cool side in the winter? Have you completed do-it-yourself insulation projects around windows, doors and other openings, yet you still have problems keeping indoor climate under control? The problem may be in your garage. Your garage is typically the last place to be protected from heat, cold and moisture outdoors. Insulating walls, ceiling and panelled door can help keep both garage and adjacent rooms more climate controlled. Garage insulation can improve energy efficiency of your home, according to the EPA. Just the right level of insulation in your garage can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your heating and cooling bills. You can save big when you insulate your garage doors. Fall is the perfect season to complete this typically hourlong do-it-yourself home improvement project. Ready to take care of it? Pick a sunny day, put on your work gloves and let's get to it... Frost King carries a complete line of garage door accessories for sealing the top, the sides and the bottom. Use Vinyl Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal Replacement to fix the insert of your metal door. Consider Plastic Garage Door Side and Top Weatherstrip Kit for wood doors that require a nail-on solution. The product you use for the bottom depends on your garage door. If you have a wood door, nail-on weatherseal is ideal. If you have an aluminium or metal door, you may have an existing track at the bottom of the door that allows a slide-on product to create an air-tight seal. Add Dual Vinyl Garage Door Side and Top Weatherseal or  Plastic Garage Door Side and Top Weatherstrip Kit to create a solid barrier between bad weather and your home. Here's what you else you may need on hand? A tape measure and pencil to measure (and to measure once more) the height and width of door frame or panels. A utility knife or a suitable sharp edge to custom fit Frost King's easy-install insulation products, such as cutting foam tape weatherstripping to seal the gaps between garage door panels. If you're installing insulation to a wood garage door, you may need a hammer and nails to secure Frost King's nail-on product. Our do-it-yourself podcasters Paul and Brian show you how to insulate your garage door... 

Start by taking a closer look at the sides of your garage door. If this isn't a new install, remove any worn out weatherstripping. Be careful not to damage the siding as you remove each piece. Then, attach the Frost King weatherseal products around your garage door. Most DIY homeowners begin by installing the top weatherseal, then the sides and finally the bottom. Once the space surrounding your garage door is sealed?and the garage door can still effortlessly open and close—you may want to add foam tape weatherstripping around cracks where the door folds. The trick is to seal out the elements without jeopardizing movement. Make it thick enough to keep bugs and bad weather out, but thin enough to keep things moving. Be sure to check back with the Frost King blog for tips on how to take good care of your home. For timely advice, please bookmark this blog, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Frost King has everything you need to insulate your garage door and to protect your entire home from extreme weather. If you have questions about insulating your garage door or any other DIY home improvement project, contact us, view our FAQs or call us at 1-800-299-5700.

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