Heat Cables

Forecast: Colder Days Ahead

Heat Cables

Leaves are changing and temperatures have cooled after summer’s blistering heat. Now is the time to head outside and get your roof ready for colder days ahead.

Installing electric heating cables is an easy do it yourself project you’ll be glad you did all winter long. Heating cables work by melting ice dams that build up on your roof and gutters. Frost King’s Electric Roof Cable Kits install easily to help keep melt water flowing through gutters and downspouts even in frigid below-zero temperatures. The kits come with shingle clips and cable spacers, along with complete installation instructions. Choose a dry, warm day to do the job, and check out our DIY video for help with installation.

Heat loss from your attic can also cause icicles and ice dams to form along the roofline, so you should also check to make sure you have sufficient insulation to keep heat from escaping. 


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