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Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

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When a pipe freezes and bursts, it often comes with little warning to you. Maybe running water is heard. Maybe not. It can quickly cause flooding and damage to your home. So let's go into the basement and into those crawlspaces to prevent frozen pipes from happening this year. The first place to look for potential problems is where pipes are exposed to the outside, such as a crawlspace vent or small holes. Use insulation and, if you can, close the vents during winter. Another place to look for potential problems is a poorly insulated room of your home, such as a sunroom or a bathroom above a garage. Make sure you do whatever it takes to provide an air tight seal around doors and windows. And, of course, install pipe insulation kits to wrap pipes. This job is made for our pre-slit, tubular polyethylene foam pipe insulation products, available in many widths and lengths. You can also get corners and t-shaped pipe insulation for an easy fit. Here's how DIY podcasters Paul and Brian install one of our popular pipe insulation products?

Brian prefers to start with the corners. This ensures that those longer pieces of pre-slit, tubular polyethylene foam pipe insulation provides a snug fit from end to end. That?s only if you measure carefully and measure twice. Use a sharp edge to cut the pipe insulation to fit without any gaps. Expose the self adhesive. And there you go. Watch Brian do it, then take your time. What else do we recommend that you do to prevent your pipes from freezing this winter? Never shut off your heat. You can lower the thermostat when you?re away, but don?t shut it off completely. When it?s extremely cold outside, you may want to let water from the tap run gently through the night. Be mindful of how much water you?re using, though. Another idea is to make sure warm air gets to those pipes under vanities and kitchen sinks. Open cabinet doors at night. Water pipe heat cables are also available to provide added protection during extreme sub-zero weather. It provides freezing prevention for down to -40? F or C (Fact: -40? F is equal to -40? C). From do-it-yourself winterization products for bathroom fixtures and appliances to pipe and duct insulation, we have everything you need to prevent water damage and preserve your home. Bookmark Frost King?s news page, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook for more easy ways to take care of your home. We invite you to share your own experiences with our products. If you have questions about buying, installing or upgrading pipe insulation to prevent pipe freezing, please view our FAQs, call 1-800-299-5700 or send us a message. We?re here to help.

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