Hooray for Earth Day


April 22 is Earth Day. Protect the Earth (and your wallet) in an afternoon with these five simple DIY home projects.

1. Install a Rain Barrel

Capture and re-use rain water with a rain barrel that collects and stores water that flows from your roofline and into your gutters.

2. Start a Compost Pile

Reduce the amount of trash you send to landfills – and save money on nutrient-rich soil that will help your garden thrive – by starting a compost pile for kitchen and yard waste.

3. Bright Idea

Switch all the light bulbs in your home to energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs — it’s an easy project that will save you money and conserve energy.

4. Seal the Deal

Look around your home’s exterior – particularly around windows and doors – for cracks or holes that will let summer heat in and air-conditioned air out. Seal any gaps with Frost King’s Mortite Weatherstrip and Caulking Cord, an easy-to-install weatherstripping that forms a weatherproof seal, no caulk gun required. You just press it in place with your fingertips for a tight seal.    

5. In Hot Water

Insulating your hot water pipes doesn’t just stop wasteful heat loss. It can actually increase the temperature of the water in your pipes by 2-4 degrees Fahrenheit — which means you can bump the thermostat on your hot water heater down by a few degrees and still have plenty of hot water for showering and cleaning. Frost King’s Self-Adhesive Foam and Foil Pipe Insulation Tape

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. Homeowners should always consider safety precautions before starting any home improvement project.  While we strive to offer accurate and helpful advice, Frost King does not assume responsibility for any actions taken based on the information provided or for any consequences resulting therefrom.