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No More Condensation.

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While the Frost King Window Kits are great for keeping out the cold air all winter, Pierre from Michigan uses them to stop another common winter problem: condensation and mold.
The thermal shades in Pierre's living room are great for keeping the cold air out, but they have one major drawback: they stop all the circulation in the room. With a humidifier going to keep some moisture in the dry winter air, condensation and eventually dangerous mold could form on the windows.
The solution, Frost King Window Kits - but over the entire window, shades and all. With the Window Kits sealing up the shades and the windows, the condensation has nowhere to form and the windows stay dry throughout the entire winter.
Just remember, you'll be sealing in your shades as well as your windows. So if you want the shades open, leave them up; need them down, put them down, before you put on the Window Kits.

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