Patio Door Weatherstrip new

The Frost King Patio Weather strip (also known as a "center post weather strip"), draft stopper eliminates the gaps between the glass panels on your home's patio door. Gaps in door panels can allow air, dust, and insects to enter the home, creating unnecessary expenses. The durable, self-adhesive plastic weather strip helps to seal these gaps, creating a tight seal. It is 84 in. W x 1.87 in. L and fits most patio doors. Easy to install determine length then cut to fit-peel off the backing paper and stick to the movable slider. Make sure the door is closed and the gap is sealed completely always make sure surface is clean and dry before applying, do not apply below 50° outside temperatures.

  • Flexible plastic with adhesive backing
  • Helps seal gaps
  • Easy to install no tools needed
  • Clear in color




How do I install Foam Tape?

It's quick, and it's easy to install the Frost King Home Weather stripping tape. You can print out our easy to use instructions, or take a quick look at the handy guys video.


Should I clean the window or door before I install the Foam Tape?

A little warm water and soap should be enough to clean off any loose dust or oil from your window sill or door jam. It's generally good practice to clean any surface before you put down Frost King Tape. Not only will the seal be stronger, but the tape will adhere to the surface for a longer stretch of time.


Can I stop cold air from leaking out the sides of my window Air Conditioner unit?

Air Conditioners that leak cold air into the summertime heat can cost you money. Frost King Foam Tape and Air Conditioner Accessories are the perfect complement to your home AC Unit. The entire line of Foam Tape can be used around the edges of your AC unit to keep the cold air in and the heat out, plus The Handy Guys can show you what else Frost King can do for your Window or Central Air Conditioning Unit.