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Taking time to insulate your garage door with Frost King products will go a long way in helping the overall energy efficiency of your home. After all, attached garages serve as a buffer zone between the outdoors and the rest of your house.

Even if your garage is unattached, you’ll still want to seal out dust, drafts, dirt, water and insects to protect your vehicle, tools and stored items—or simply to make yourself more comfortable while working inside your garage.

With weatherseal kits in vinyl, plastic or rubber depending on your garage door type, Frost King can help you seal the tops, sides and bottom of your garage door. Watch the video below for helpful tips!

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Popular FAQ's

Q: How much energy does my garage leak?

An un-insulated garage can bring the overall energy efficiency of your home down. Most people don't realize that an attached garage can serve as a buffer zone between the outside and the rest of your home – in other words, a well insulated garage can lead to a warmer and more efficient house. According to the EPA,"Insulated garage doors... can help keep your garage and any adjacent rooms warmer in the winter, and improve the energy efficiency of your home."

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