Air Conditioner Accessories

Tune Up Time

Air Conditioner Accessories

A well-maintained cooling system runs more efficiently and uses less energy – which means lower energy bills for you. Schedule time for some routine do-it-yourself maintenance, and you’ll come home to comfort all summer long.

Whole House System

If you have a whole house air conditioner, now is the time to schedule a system inspection by a heating and cooling professional. Before the inspection, remove the air conditioner cover you installed in the fall to protect your unit, and trim away any branches or foliage within 2 feet of the unit.

Window Units

If you rely on window units to keep your cool, get them out of storage now, before temperatures soar. Remove the cover, and clean out debris – you can use your hands or a shop vacuum. Replace the filter (it’s easy!) before installing the unit in the window; add Air Conditioning Weatherseal to fill gaps around the sides of the unit and at the top and bottom of the window sash.

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