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Battle the Winter Blast with Door Insulation Products by Frost King

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While forecasters may've missed last week's by 50 miles, winter never misses a chance to knock down your front door. How are you going to keep the cold out no matter what? It might be hard to notice each time a tiny bug crawls underneath your front door. You may not notice the bits of dirt blow in until it accumulates. But when snow whirls around in your draughty entryway, it's hard to fight the wintry blast. This is the time of year when many do-it-yourself homeowners finally act fast to seal exterior doors and stop the outdoors from making its way inside. Today's blog post is a nudge to seal up your exterior doors with the most appropriate Frost King product for an air-tight defense. We've already blogged about choosing the right threshold and installing door sweeps. Each post includes handy tips and step-by-step instructions to help you complete this DIY project without any problems. Our very own handy guys podcasters Paul and Brian explain each Frost King threshold product and show you how to install a threshold. The door set—made up of a door threshold and a door sweep—delivers an air-tight seal between floor and door. It's the first step in weatherproofing the entrance to your home. Even if you already have a door set, it may need to be replaced if it's broken, cracked or no longer provides a good seal. No matter which threshold and step sweep you choose, make sure you add weatherstripping to install to the top and sides of your door frame. Frost King carries door thresholds, door sweeps, door bottoms and door sets to help keep your home insulated the rest of this winter and for years to come. Choose from many different styles, colors and finishes. Find out where to buy Frost King thresholds and other door insulation products. For more do-it-yourself tips to keep your home insulated, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and bookmark this handy blog. If you have any questions about Frost King door thresholds, door sweeps, door bottoms and door sets, please view our FAQs, call us at 1-800-299-5700 or send us a message.

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