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Install Door Sweeps to Keep Out the Outside

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We recently blogged about door threshold types. Now we want to cover doors sweeps—the other key ingredient of an air-tight entryway—to help you keep the outside out of your home. If there's light or a heap of wet weather sneaking in from under your door, install a door sweep. If your old door sweep isn't keeping out all the dust, dirt and bugs, replace it with a better one. A door sweep (also called a door bottom) is an inexpensive and easy-to-install draft protection solution that attaches to the bottom of your door. They're needed because they eliminate gap to provide an air-tight seal between your door threshold (also called a door step) and your door. There are five types of door sweeps. L-shape door sweeps screw into the door frame. They're easy to install. Slide-on door sweeps are the easiest to install. Simply slide off the old one and slide on the new one. Snap-in door sweeps can be installed without removing the door. They fit into a kerf cut at the bottom of the door. Staple-on door sweeps are made for wood doors. They do require you to remove the door from its frame. Wrap-around door sweeps are easy to install, but they usually require you to drill new holes into the door. Which door sweep will you choose? What you need on hand to help you install door sweeps depends on the type of door sweeps you have. Slide-in and snap-on door sweeps don't require you to remove the door, but other door sweeps may be easier to install once you remove the door from its hinges. If that's necessary, close the door and use a nail set and a hammer to remove the pin from each hinge. Select from a range of door sweep products for storm doors, metal doors and wood doors. If you're looking for a complete door weatherseal solution, you'll need to also choose a door threshold for the area below your door and a door set for the top and sides of the door frame. To get started, and to make sure you choose the most appropriate door sweep, you need to measure the gap between the door and the threshold. You need to know the door width and the door thickness, as well. This'll help you select and custom fit the best door sweep. Once you've measured twice, you may need to use a hack saw and a miter box to trim door sweep width. Next, simply attach the door sweep, using whatever your specific door sweep product requires. TIP: Some do-it-yourself homeowners choose to apply a tiny dollop of adhesive or a line of caulk along the bottom of the door BEFORE attaching the door sweep to ensure an air-tight fit. Be sure to check back with the Frost King blog for tips on how to take good care of your home. For more timely advice, bookmark this blog, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Frost King has everything you need to protect your entryway from extreme weather. Find our products at these home improvement retailers. If you have questions about installing and using any of our DIY home improvement products, contact us, view our FAQs or call 1-800-299-5700.

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