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Stop Drafty Windows with Shrink Window Kits

Window Kits

Do-it-yourself homeowners are busy readying their homes for winter. One of the most troublesome areas are old windows with large gaps around loose glass, frame and hardware. Do you have drafty windows? Are they leaking valuable (and expensive) climate-controlled air? Want a quick and easy way to seal out drafts and dust, but don't want to spend money on replacement windows or storm windows? Frost King's shrink window kits are a part of a complete window insulation solution that quickly and easily solves the drafty window problem. Frost King's shrink window kits are designed for basement windows, standard windows, extra large windows, picture windows and patio doors. They're made of a clear plastic sheet that shrinks tightly and wrinkle-free. Your shrink window kit easily installs to most frame surfaces.

"You can increase the insulation R-value of windows by up to 90% and you're going to cut down on drafts to feel a lot more comfortable come winter time," says handyman Brian. Here's how The Handyguys podcasters Paul and Brian install Frost King's shrink window insulation kits...

Each shrink window kit comes with double-sided tape and a clear plastic sheet. You'll need a sharp edge for cutting and a handheld hairdryer. Follow step-by-step instructions in the video above or on the product packaging. Before you grab your scissors, measuring tape, hair dryer and cleaning supplies, do this: make sure your window is closed, locked and free of any dust. Before you install, clean the window and frame. Dry it off. Then apply double-face tape, wait fifteen minutes for it to set and remove tape backing. Unfold and cut the plastic to size, leaving up to 5" of extra material on each side. Apply the plastic, starting at the top of the window and working down. Stick it to the tape, and keep it smooth. Point a hairdryer to the plastic at a 1" distance, sweeping back and forth to secure the plastic into place. Cut away any access material. Removing your shrink window kits is easy. Simply use your hairdryer to heat up the plastic. Start at the top corner and peel the plastic away. Remove tape. And use a residue remover to get rid of excess adhesive. This will help you prepare a clean surface for a new shrink window kit. If you have questions about buying, installing or replacing shrink window kits throughout your home, please view our FAQs, call 1-800-299-5700 or send us a message. We're here to help.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. Homeowners should always consider safety precautions before starting any home improvement project.  While we strive to offer accurate and helpful advice, Frost King does not assume responsibility for any actions taken based on the information provided or for any consequences resulting therefrom.