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Want a well insulated and more energy efficient home? It may be time to install or replace pipe and duct insulation throughout your home. Pipe and duct insulation reduces cold and heat transfer, allowing the ability to deliver hot water or climate-controlled air without overtaxing the energy source, bursting frozen pipes or driving up your energy bill. Some of our handy DIY homeowners use Frost King's duct insulation to insulate car doors and even muffle sounds. Installing pipe and duct insulation is easy. It's a straightforward project that requires minimal tools. Make sure you take a measurement of what you need. Measure twice. Then select the pipe and duct insulation that's made for your project. Here's some advice to help you choose...


In this video, Paul and Brian explain which duct insulation product is best for every type of pipe in your home. Use pre-slit fibreglass duct insulation for hot pipes, such as steam boilers or pipes within three feet of the hot water heater. You can use polyethylene pipe insulation for all other hot- and cold-water pipes, but this is rigid and requires fittings at each of the right angles of the pipe. Use fibreglass wrap or foam-and-foil wrap duct insulation for an easy fit around all other pipes and duct work. There are other rubber duct insulation products for pipes with a lot of bend. Don't forget to insulate what's at the end of those pipes and duct work, too. Protect outdoor faucets from freezing by installing Frost King's faucet protectors. Use our foam faucet cover for simply protection from a deep freeze. Use our hard plastic faucet covers for a more sturdier do-it-yourself solution that survives wear and tear from harsh weather and curious animals. Remember water heater insulation and 2-piece quilted indoor air conditioning unit covers. From do-it-yourself winterization products for your fixtures and appliances to pipe and duct insulation, we have everything you need to cut energy costs and preserve your investment. Bookmark Frost King's news page, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook for more easy ways to take care of your home. We invite you to share your own experiences with our products. If you have questions about buying, installing or upgrading duct insulation throughout your home, please view our FAQs, call 1-800-299-5700 or send us a message. We're here to help.

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