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Prevent Freezing Pipes with Electric Heat Cables by Frost King

It's a clear, cold night. The weather forecaster reminds everyone to catch the latest comet as they bring in their pets. Nobody reminds you of the potential of a flooded basement tomorrow morning. You doze off during The Late Late Show with guest host Drew Carey. You open your eyes to the first hint of morning sun. Your ears eventually find a faint hissing sound. It isn't your bathroom sink. You forgot to turn that on to a trickle last night. Alarmed, you spring into action. When pipes freeze, pipes burst. When pipes burst, all kinds of havoc occurs. Loss of water use. Water damage. An expensive plumbing bill. If you want to prevent freezing plastic and metal pipes, consider installing electric heat cables with foil-covered fibreglass pipe wrap insulation. Frost King, the leader in residential pipe freeze protection, presents the HC Series pipe heating system. Preassembled and ready-to-install, this electric heat cable prevents pipes from freezing, providing peace of mind down to -40°. Using an energy-saving thermostat, HC cables operate on 120 Volts AC. Electric heat cables are suitable for use on water-filled plastic and metal pipes. Electric heat cables will operate for years without requiring service. All components are made of the highest quality materials and are tested during critical points in the manufacturing process. Ready to install? Grab your eye protection, gloves and mask. Paul and Brian help you begin...


Installation requires no special wiring or assembly. Simply measure. Choose the right length. Electric heat cables are engineered in 3-foot increments (up to 18 feet) to accommodate many pipe lengths. It's ideal for diameters up to 1 and 1/2 inches. Run run the electric heat cable straight along pipe and valves. Refer to our simple electric heat cables instructions. Affix with electrical tape every 6 inches. Add our fibreglass pipe wrap. Plug into a GFI-protected outlet. Frost King aims to help you protect your home. If you have questions about pipe insulation, we're here to help. Please bookmark this blog, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Want to find out more about our pipe insulation solutions that'll undoubtedly keep you from waking up to a disaster, please view our FAQs, call 1-800-299-5700 or send us a message.

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