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A Fall-Friendly Entryway

Weatherstripping Image 1

Pumpkin spice season is upon us! Put out a welcome mat for the new season by giving your entryway some fall flair.

Pots of mums, a harvest-themed wreath, gourds, corn stalks and other seasonal accents will give your home a distinctly autumnal vibe that’s festive and welcoming. While you’re in decorating mode, take a careful look at your front door to make sure it’s ready for cooler days ahead.

Check around the door where it meets the frame for any gaps. An estimated 11% of your home’s energy can escape through a drafty door. With Frost King’s Rubber Foam Self-Stick Weatherseal, you can quickly and easily seal any gaps that leak heat outside. Wondering how to weatherstrip a door? Watch this video to help choose the right product for your door.

Next, check for a door sweep at the bottom of your door. If you can feel a draft or see light coming through when the door is closed, install Frost King’s Aluminum Drip Cap and Door Sweep, which seals the threshold (where the door meets the floor) and keeps out drafts that can make your home chilly.

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