Frost King Foam Tape - Use Case #21


Gaming Tiles using Frost King Foam Seals... Here's one we got a while back, using Frost King Foam tape as a backing for game pieces. Gaming Tiles using Frost King Foam Seals First - The Frost King Foam Seal product is one of the greatest things that I have come across in a long time. Not only is it good for the normal, around the windows, door, or whatever usage - but for game miniatures - it is the lightest, easiest to apply, most sanitary, supple, easy to use product out there. I know people who use harsh chemicals that could kill them, who cut up pieces of wood, plastic, and even metal to use as backings on miniature items. They are all far inferior to Frost King's Foam Seal product. All you have to do is to cut a string, take away the paper, and apply to the back of the game piece. Put a couple on the back and you are through. It is so light weight yet durable that it stands up to being used and abused over and over again yet springs back into shape. If you follow this link.... will see where I am propounding the benefits of using Frost King's products. I spent months trying out all of the suggestions that people had made to me about how to put together my own gaming pieces. But all of them had the same problem - really heavy or really hard to store and take with you to a game. Only Frost King's product did the trick. The only thing thinner and just as easy to use was Duck Tape. But Duck Tape made the pieces look as if some hick from the backwoods had made them. Only Frost King's product made the pieces look fantastic. 

Another nice thing is - with these strips on their backs, the pieces have two properties: 1)They are very flexible when held in your hand - but 2)They are rigid when placed onto a surface. This ridgiity makes them ideal for putting the lead figures onto them. They don't bend under the weight.

 A novel use for something you don't think about much otherwise. Light weight, resilient, flexible, durable, rigid when you need it to be, easily placed, easy to cut into the right size, and something I am advocating anyone who plays role playing games to use. And let me tell you - in the 57 years I have been alive - this is the first product I not only endorse - but actively endorse for people to use. It is that good. 


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