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Alexi and the Marble Maze...

Pipe & Duct Insulation

Looking for a project? Something to keep you occupied over the cold weekend? Well - how about a Frost King Marble Maze? With a few feet of Frost King Pipe insulation, some Double Draft Stops, a Tee here, an Elbow there and a Faucet Cover or two; our friend Alexi managed to construct himself a multi level, floor to ceiling Marble Maze. A marble maze complete with drops, sharp turns and a loop. His Goal: keep the marbles moving as long as possible. Frost King Pipe insulation is not just perfect for keeping your pipes from freezing throughout the cold winter months, but the flexible make of the Tubular Rubber or Foam Pipe Insulation makes it a great fit bending around hard to turn corners for the perfect Marble Maze. And The Frost King Tees and Elbows are just rightfor those sharp corners and tight turns. Take a look, here's 

Alexi's entire Marble Maze from beginning to end. What do you think? Let us know on (of course)Twitter or Facebook. Finally, Alexi ended up bringing the whole contraption to school as a science project... and - he got an, "A!" Need some more inspiration? take a look...


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