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Last-minute Halloween Costumes and Props with Foam Pipe Insulation

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Ever since CBS's "The Late Show with David Letterman" gave Poly Foam Weatherseal to one lucky trick-or-treater, it got us thinking: how else can we help DIY homeowners on Halloween? Dressing your kids up as plain white ghosts won't cut it anymore. Your drafty house isn't going to scare anyone but you when you get your energy bill. It's time to step it up this year. Insulate your home for winter. Find better costumes for your kids. And do this week? Unfortunately, most Halloween costumes that have been sold out for weeks. While your cozy home may be ready for winter by next Saturday, it isn't ready for trick-or-treaters. What can you scare up for last-minute Halloween costumes and props? Some of you savvy homeowners have shown us that our do-it-yourself products aren't just for home improvement. They make great last-minute costumes and props. Not sure what to do? Here are a few suggestions? Huge Spider Prop with Foam Pipe Insulation Frighten trick-or-treaters with a big spider. Cover a milk jug and foam pipe insulation with black tape. Add eyes, and you're ready to scare. Pinterest user Maryanne just might make this for her Halloween party on Tuesday night. So if you've been invited to Maryanne's party, brace yourself. Large Chain Prop with Foam Pipe Insulation Who knew that extra bit of foam pipe insulation you had lying around could become a chain, and spider or an octopus. Halloween Forum user Herman uses scissors and glue to turn foam pipe insulation into a large chain prop for a better ghost getup, dungeon or other haunt-worthy decor. DIY Doctor Octopus with Foam Pipe Insulation It's no question that foam pipe insulation is one of the best items to have on hand for winterization or last-minute Halloween ideas. DIYer and Pinterest user Instructables created a super-easy Doctor Octopus costume out of black tape-wrapped foam pipe insulation. We imagine some of you DIYers have used foam pipe insulation to make snakes or other scary things. Perhaps a wild Medusa hairdo? If so, share your genius DIY ideas with us. Use hashtag #frostking to share your DIY costumes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Follow us on these social sites as we share some of the best last-minute Halloween costumes and props. If you have questions about installing, using or even creating Halloween costumes with any of our leading DIY products, please view our FAQs, call 1-800-299-5700 or send us a message.

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