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Frost King Window Kit - Use Case #45

Tarp shelter for Backpacking. This Window Kit User has found that Frost King Window Kits are the perfect fit in the Great Outdoors.... The patio sized kits ( 84" x 110" ) make an excellent tarp shelter for backpacking. The complete shelter with lines weighs just 7.2 ounces. Not bad for a nine foot by seven foot tarp! The double sided tape from the kit is used to hem all the edges, and lines are attached for pitching using gorilla tape. The secret is to use a lightweight nylon or fiber washer inside the tape tie-out points, and pass the line through the washer. This spreads out the pull from the line and prevents the tarp from tearing. The Shrink film has significantly higher tensile strength than Tyvek and both the aluminized mylar and polyethylene "space blankets", and is many times stronger than polyethylene of similar thickness. It isn't as puncture resistant as silnylon or cuben fiber, but it is ten or twenty times less expensive than those materials. I have also been using this material as a ground cloth under my more conventional tents, it is both the lightest and most durable material I have yet to find for this use. As a test to see how durable this material would in the long run I set this tarp up in the woods near my home and it has stood for about a full year now and is no worse for the wear. It makes a heck of a durable, versatile and lightweight shelter. Packed in a survival kit, it would also be just the thing for constructing a solar still.  

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