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Remove Window Film—and Let the Sunshine In!

Window Kits

Frost King Window Kits kept your windows snug and draft free all winter long. But now that winter is (finally!) behind us, it’s time to remove the film and start enjoying the warm spring sunshine and refreshing breezes.

Fortunately, removing our window film is just as easy as installing it.

If you did your prep work and started with a clean, dry window frame, you should be able to just pull down the plastic and then remove the tape very easily. But sometimes, the tape can leave some sticky residue behind on the frame. You can remove the residue a few different ways:

1. Commercial adhesive removers. Spray adhesive remover on the tape residue and wipe it away with a soft cloth.

2. Hair dryer. Use a hair dryer set on medium to heat up the tape, and then peel away any remaining residue with your thumbnail.

3. Acetone. Make a solution of 50% water and 50% acetone. Dip a soft cloth in the liquid and rub to remove the residue.

The Handy Guys show you how it’s done in this short step-by-step video:

Once you’ve removed the film, give your windows a good spring cleaning so you can enjoy the sunshine to the fullest! Here’s how:

1. Mix a Window Cleaning Solution. You could buy a commercial window cleaner, but this is one time when it pays to be frugal: a solution of one part white vinegar to two parts water combined in a spray bottle is all you need to wash away dirt, dust, splattered mud, and other gunk.

2. Clean out the Window Sill. Start cleaning from the inside. Open the window and clean out any dirt, dead bugs, pollen or dust that got trapped on the sill and ledge. Spray with your cleaning solution and use a small brush to clean out all the nooks and crannies.

3. Wipe the Glass. Close the window. Using a clean, dry microfiber cloth, wipe the glass to remove any surface dust and dirt, then spray the glass, starting at the top and working your way down. Using a clean microfiber cloth (or some people swear by using newspaper), wipe the glass in a Z-shaped motion until the window is completely dry. If the glass is still dirty or is streaky, repeat.

4. Clean Outside. Thoroughly spray the exterior of the window with a hose, then repeat step 3 on exterior glass. A squeegee will make the job easier, but be aware that you may need to go over the glass a few times to get rid of caked on grime. If you need to use a ladder to reach second story windows, take care to not lean the ladder against the glass.

5. Clean Window Screens. While you’re cleaning windows, you might as well clean window screens, too. Lay the screens on a flat surface and spray with a hose, then spray the screening with your vinegar water solution. Rinse with plain water. You may need to use a soft brush to scrub away dirt from the screen frame. Any small holes or tears in the screens can be repaired with Frost King Self-Attaching Aluminum or Fiberglass Screen Patches.

Pro tip: Pick a cool, overcast day to wash windows; if the sun is bright and blazing down, your windows will dry with streaks.

There’s just one thing left to do. Step back and enjoy the crystal clear view!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. Homeowners should always consider safety precautions before starting any home improvement project.  While we strive to offer accurate and helpful advice, Frost King does not assume responsibility for any actions taken based on the information provided or for any consequences resulting therefrom.