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Get Prepared for Winter: December Must Dos

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Our series for new homeowners offers seasonal projects you should cross off your list to keep your new home in good working order. This month we help you get ready for winter with three must-dos for December.

The 2020 Farmers' Almanac predicts that most of the country will face a colder-than-normal winter this year. Get your home-sweet-home ready to weather the chill by crossing these DIY projects off your to-do list:

  1. Reverse ceiling fans. Who knew running a fan could actually make your rooms feel warmer? Energy Star recommends reversing the motor on your ceiling fan so it circles in a clockwise direction; this will create a gentle updraft that forces warm air near the ceiling down. While you’re at it, install Frost King Heat/Air Deflectors on heating vents – the curved air deflector also directs warm air down to make rooms feel warmer and cozier. Our video shows you how.

  2. Clean ductwork. Who knows the last time the previous owners had your home’s ducts cleaned? Schedule an appointment with a duct cleaning service to remove dust and contaminants like pet fur and pollen.

  3. Check insulation. Take a peek in attics and crawlspaces to see if they have at least six inches of insulation lining the beams. If not, add more to avoid heat loss that makes your home uncomfortably cold. The Department of Energy has a handy guide to the amount of insulation your home should have depending on where you live.

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